Expert Professional Service 870-792-8864
Stokes Flying Service 1373 State HWY 149 South Earl AR 72331 870-792-8864 870-792-8667 (fax) Proctor Facility 11533 US Hwy 70 Proctor AR 72376 870-735-1481 870-735-5539 (fax)

A Brief History of Stokes Flying Service


1974 Dennie begins flying AG for Gibson Flying Service - Marianna

1981 Stokes Flying Service begins with flying a 600 Thrush aircraft

1982 Stokes acquires first turbine Ag aircraft

Business requires multiple aircraft in 1986

1991 Stokes acquires first production turbine Thrush with PT6-45 engine

First GPS guidance in Ag aircraft in early 1990's

1992 Joined Mid-Continent Aircraft as Partner

1997 First ground rig purchase

Tracey begins flying AG in 1998

2001 Elected President of NAAREF

2002 Dennie is elected President of NAAA

2003 Greg begns running ground rigs

2004 Lou is elected President of WNAAA